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Expressions in Ether

Avon's Quest for Understanding

Lord Avon
27 January 1972
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I'm still looking for ways to surprise myself. I miss being in college and seminary, not for the school, but for the intelligent conversations about things when people actually knew about the subject at hand. I collect action figures, S/F artwork, comic books, dragons, and stuffed animals. I sleep with a stuffed shoggoth as my pillow. I like being given flowers because then I can kill them. I love polka-dots. And paisley. And on occaision, I wear them at the same time. I believe in being Devil's Advocate and cheerfully defend points of view I don't hold just to keep a conversation going. I love philosophy and theology and theater, not necessarily in that order. Metal is my music of choice, I never wear crosses, and Winter is my favorite season.

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