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Expressions in Ether

Avon's Quest for Understanding

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Snowpocalypse Continues
Well. I have been enjoying the Snowpocalypse out here, although I haven't seen any zombies, shadowflyer and vu13. I believe this means it's safe to clean your any way you want.

Actually, according to madraxus, none of us need fear the Zombie!Snowpocalypse as zombies freeze in snow. Yet another reason for everyone to jump on the pro-snow bandwagon. Yay snow! Snow is effective protection against zombie attack. madraxus says it is because they don't have any circulation and no working organs so their bodies don't produce any heat. Whatever animates them apparently doesn't heat them. So, in the winter, they just completely freeze up until the next thaw.(1)

I am considering going out to shovel, but I don't really want to when I still need to bring madraxus into work. I plan to bring him in, get the shopping done, come home, hang out, and then possibly go get aridane, who I had to bring in to work earlier this morning (very earlier this morning) and then get madraxus. However, if madraxus calls out of work, I'm staying put. Groceries can wait. Not terribly long -- we are short on food -- but long enough. Somewhere in here I'll shovel, to keep the weight of the snow down. More shoveling, less weight.

Aerys is comfortably ensconced on the back of the couch, watching the snow fall. Morganti doesn't really care.

It's really very pretty out. Yesterday especially was fantastic: lovely light powder fell all day, sparkling and iridescent. It made me very happy. It's pretty much snowed non-stop here since Friday; we had a break for several hours Friday evening into Saturday morning, but it was already snowing again by the time I woke up Saturday, and it didn't stop until very late Saturday evening into this morning, where it was already snowing by the time I woke up.

(1) madraxus gets this theory from World War Z.
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I've read an alternate theory though, that suggests that the cold doesn't freeze them and prevent them from moving, it merely prevents them from decaying. So you get fast, intact, and, worst of all, smart zombies, because they aren't rotting inside and out while they hunt for brains.

depends if they are undead zombies or not. The dead don't produce heat. But other zombies can be winter ready as long as they are dressed for it.

But the snow still looks pretty out there.

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